Saturday, 31 May 2008

Folk, deodorant, cluster bombs and mister Barack Obama

Some of you might know about my folky roots - I say roots, as I can't really claim to be a real folky. I abandoned it at about 13 after being dragged year on year to folk camp, which were of course ridiculously uncool, and only got back into it at about 19 when I remembered some of the music I grew up with and understood the BEER factor involved in folk.

Anyway recently I went to Chippenham Folk Festival which was absolutely great, as usual. Here's a little vid of another thing I like about folk - my Dad's sword-dancing team East Saxon Sword, who've been dancing together for about 35 years:

Not bad for old men eh? (Facebook people, don't know if this'll come up, just go to my videos if not.)

The main thing I've enjoyed every time I've been to Chippenham though are the ceilidhs (pronounced "kay-lee"). Think a dance in a big hall with a band and caller who announces the dances and talks everyone through the moves; people mill about after each dance, and pick up a new partner for the next one. All of it's helped along by a lot of alcohol and it's great fun. However, in the summer they can be a little sweaty, so you may be pleased to know I have bought some anti-perspirant deodorant for the first time in a few years - sounds icky, especially for a sweaty person like me, but I've always found deodorant is overrated and most people just don't smell that much if you have a wash every day.

The new book is moving on, slowly - 16,500 words in 6 chapters so far. Still a long way to go though, the main character still hasn't been given his main mission! But I've been enjoying combining technology and magic as the same thing, and lots of sex and violence too.

Writing songs is going well, always got lots of ideas, recording not going so quickly but focusing and working hard.

Just quickly, you may have heard of some guy called Barack Obama - the only thing I like about this whole huge drawn-out contest is that everyone should now know who he is. After 8 years of catastrophe, war, US budget deficits, the war on sex education, etc. etc., let's hope he can give the Republicans a good kicking in November.

Also 3 massive cheers for the international community - even the UK! - trying to ban cluster bombs. Shame on the war-heavy countries who oppose the ban, including the usual suspect USA, Russia and China - and maybe Israel too?

Hardcore yoga tonight, tired and stretched. Night night.

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