Tuesday, 20 May 2008

I have a blog. And I'm going to New Zealand.

Hello everyone. I've got a new blog, this is it. Except ... maybe not. Because you could be reading this on Facebook, or even as the news page on my new website www.jezkemp.co.uk. Either way, I hope you enjoy it and "partake in its wisdom" or something like that.

I've started a blog for two reasons. Firstly, it's like a news page for my new website (see below) where you can leave comments. Clever eh? So I can tell people what I'm up to and things I'm up to like my music and my writing.

Secondly - I'm going to New Zealand in the Autumn. It's for about a year, and no I'm not going travelling - been there, done that, had a great time. This is about moving away and just living somewhere different. So this will be a way of making notes and keeping people up to date - I might make it into a magazine column called "The Two Summers of 2008" or something wanky like that. Because indeed, I'm getting 2 summers this year. Oh yes!

This website thingy
Yes, I bought my name as a website. Egotistical, embarrassing, ridiculous - whatever. These things virtually sum me up anyway.

I'm writing again. I really want to be a writer and be able to work and travel - so the website is a platform for getting my writing noticed, and, in a way, getting me noticed. It's all about selling myself I guess. We're all whores now in the 21st century.

So anyway, if you fancy it please sign up to the blog (you can use Atom or RSS, somehow, I'm not sure how it works - just go to http://jezkemp.blogspot.com and see what happens).
As a taster, here's some things I've got on at the moment:
  • Writing my new book
  • Recording some new solo stuff
  • The end of my band (boo hoo)
  • Trying to find work and a home in NZ
  • The usual opinions on music, politics, culture, international affairs and other rubbish that you never asked for.
I generally hate the navel-gazing, over-analytical nature of blogs, so I promise I'll keep this a balance of honest and personal, but outward-looking and interesting.

Here's a reminder of my book that I have already written that is on my website, it's called DEVOLUTION and you can read/download it for free by clicking the picture.

Thanks for reading, hope you're well and catch you soon.


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