Sunday, 29 June 2008

Why I'm going to New Zealand - Part 1

Well some of you may be wondering why I'm suddenly off to this place called New Zealand where they call each other "bro" (true), have Kiwi birds (true, although only just) and a footbridge to Australia (not true). I like travelling, but as I keep telling people, I'm not traveling this time - I'm just moving out in a big way.

I've never liked Chelmsford, or even Essex (where it's the county town). I went to university at Bristol, a buzzing city with lots of things to do all the time. When I finished in Summer 2006, other people seemed to stay in Bristol or move to London. I came home so I could finally - after years of waiting - make my band a priority. I did several shitty jobs for 14 months, finally getting a "proper" job last year where gigging etc. wouldn't be a problem. Sadly, we had a bad time with the band last year, took a long-overdue break, and after 6 months still couldn't agree we all wanted to do it.

So, back in a town I don't like, I have technically nothing forcing me to be here. I was moaning about it to a friend (you may have noticed I'm very good at moaning) who just called my bluff and said, "why not do this silly thing if you're that unhappy?"
I bought a visa and ticket for about £1000 GBP before I'd had time to talk myself out of it.

I could go on and on about why I hate Chelmsford and Essex, but that's another blog for another day. Basically, it's a place where a minority of good people with good intentions are pushed around by a majority of idiots and bad ideas. The Mainstream isn't just everywhere, it rules everywhere.

Of course, my friends and my immediate family live here, so it's not like I have nothing here for me. But it's the right time to do something different and go somewhere different. I've always intended to go away to live somewhere else, but I'd thought this would be maybe in my late 20s, or early 30s after I'd done a masters or something. But I feel like I'm stagnating here; I still dream of the life and buzz of a city. I don't think you can go through life without wishing the past was better - this happens to everyone. But I don't want to spend my entire 20s feeling I'm in the wrong place where I can't be myself.

So, why abroad? Well, being fair, it's not just Essex that I'm tired of. I'm not ashamed of being English, but England and/or Britain all has a kind of negative attitude, an unfriendly atmosphere, which I'm tired of as well. Going to Bristol or London isn't going to cut it, not here and now.

Well, that's a lot of waffle for you there, just in case you were wondering why I'm off to foreign parts. And it is just for 12 months - for now anyway.

Oh, and why NZ? It's a beautiful country. Nice people.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

So, anyway...

Well. A mate/friend last night expressed upset and disapproval about the previous blog entry, which is sad. I think he took it the wrong way, but inpterpretations matter, so I have deleted it.

I'm not the kind of person to withdraw things I say, even when people interpret what I say differently to how I meant it, as anybody who has read the F451 blog will know. But it's different when it's your mates/friends. If any of mine are reading right now, just want to say I love and appreciate you guys.

I still think there can be a difference between mates and friends, but sometimes they are the same people.

Had a little gig last night opening up on acoustic guitar, my voice turned out alright and a couple of new songs went well, but overall the set was a bit clunky and over-political. Always learning.
Main stars of the evening though were The Library Suits who were absolutely brilliant. These are 4 mates I've played with in the past (two from F451), it was their first full-band electric gig and they came out all guns blazing - great songs, massive sound, comfortable, confident. Their mysapce only has a couple of acoustic songs for now but they're still great so check it out: