Sunday, 10 August 2008

New book is done, launch tomorrow!

Hi everyone, in a bit of a rush at the moment. Been feverishly finshing off the new book and I'm really excited - it goes live on my website tomorrow, with one chapter being released every week.

It's called NO UP and it's a very exciting, enjoyable book, full of drink, action, sex, magic and adventure. It's the first of 3 books in a micro-trilogy so don't expect to understand everything straight away - just let the characters and action take you through!

Here's some blurb I'm putting up, and a picture below. See you tomorrow!

NO UP is the first book in a stunning new micro-triology by British writer and musician Jez Kemp - an epic and debauched combination of Lord Of The Rings, Men Behavingly Badly and 1984.

Czioc, a collector of the dead, must track down a long lost ex-girlfriend who has faked her own death - while a dark force gathers in the South, and the dead talk back to him...

Sex, magic, violence, love, secrets, lies and spies all bring to life a world where the landscape can be changed by thought ... and there is no up.

Is this a dark vision of a fascist future?
A free utopia of sex, drink and culture?
A dream-like reflection of the Youtube generation?

Jez Kemp combines astonishing imagination with epic adventure and dark British humour as he releases 11 chapters over 11 weeks from August 2008 on


  1. Did you write all of those superlatives yourself?

  2. Sure I did, who else is going to write them! Want to be my publicist?

  3. Not really! Send it in to The Sun - they do cracking puntastic quotes for DVD covers!

    Oh sorry you said DVDs.
    Actually no that would make an AWESOME film.