Sunday, 7 September 2008

Does anyone else enjoy running?

Well, "enjoy" might be the wrong word. I was out today on something like a 60-minute run round Hylands park, and out in the pissing rain and mud, "enjoy" isn't really the word I'd use for the feeling you get from it.

Running for an hour is a long time for many, not so long for some. Some do it properly in order to take part in marathons and 5/10km runs - I had a friend who did the London marathon, and his training schedule seemed INSANE. Then there's others who just do it for health and fitness, raise your endurance, burn off calories. (These two might well be related.)

And then there's people like me ... I like running as a way of keeping fit, but there's something very solitary about it - even running with a bunch of other people, it's still just you and the distance to be eaten up. Maybe as an egomaniac who's used to doing things by myself all my life, I enjoy a challenge where it's purely me on my own, and your own body is as much a team mate as a barrier to be overcome.

Whatever. Does anyone else do running?

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