Sunday, 28 September 2008

End of a band

What a fun gig. Had a majorly good time - definitely one of the best gigs we've done, if just for sheer fun rather than actual quality. Felt great to have a busy crowd, with people even singing down the front. Was great to finish things off in style.

The other two seemed very sad about it, more than me - I did my grieving for the band earlier this year - but it was a sad occasion as well as a happy one. We'd been in a band before, but this one characterised all our lives for 4 years, so even though things wound down at the close of 2007, this was marking the end of a personal era.

Music is what we do. Matt and Jon have The Library Suits, and may good fortune be upon them (as if they need good fortune with songs like these). I've got my own stuff, and you can expect to see me again.

Onwards to the future.

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