Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Magic invisible money

Something funny happened the other day. I was buying some drinks with my card in the pub, and the bar lady comes out with pen and paper for me to sign. And standing there, holding the pen, I joke "Ahhh, very retro!".

What the fuck?!

I think we take for granted all the technology we rely on every single day. I'm buying real alcoholic drinks in a pub with MAGIC INVISIBLE MONEY using a card with SHINY CAPITAL LETTERS, and the only proof she has that I've actually paid is because THE MACHINE WENT BEEP.

And I'm making jokes about how outdated it is.

Right now I'm making a blog post, listening to electronic music captured from the air in the last 30 years, uploading bewitched frozen pictures, buying travel insurance for travelling A HUNDRED THOUSAND MILES and checking the news of insane amounts of magic invisible money somehow "crashing" in foreign lands. Invisible lands?

We are truly a technological race.

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