Friday, 19 September 2008

Pirates, anti-beards, Itsa Bitsa, His Noodly Appendage ... and NO UP Chapter 7

Slightly early this week: No Up Chapter 7 - A mission. And a monster.

Lights, monsters, action! The pace picks up when terror strikes the Migration! Check out one of the best chapters yet:

This chapter is hot on the heels of the wonderful short story Sir Ralph Beef Wellington & The Incredible Loophole! because tomorrow I'm off on a boating holiday. I say tomorrow, really I mean later this morning - earlier we had our last band practice for the last F451 gig, and now, long after midnight, I have to conjure a pirate costume for our boating adventures out of some random bits of rubbish and a tube of glue like Itsa Bitsa. (Okay, does anyone remember Itsa Bitsa? Wikipedia is empty, and even the mighty Google has nothing on it!)

We've all been growing beards for the last 2½ weeks for this, except at the age of 25, it turns out this is something I can't do. On my face is some stringy blonde fur, or as I like to refer to it, the "anti-beard".

Completely coincidentally it's International Talk Like A Pirate Day today (Friday 19th September), and avast me hearties, ye better talk like a pirate! For those wishing to add a religious theme, pray to His Noodly Greatness the Flying Spaghetti Monster - on the serious side, he's about dinosaurs and our kids' education! On the jokey side, it's about the connection between global warming and pirates ... and any religion where heaven has a beer volcano and a stripper factory has MY attention.

Mad? Yes, I'll have 7 please.

P.S. yarrrrrr

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