Thursday, 18 September 2008

Sir Ralph Beef Wellington & The Incredible Loophole!

Ahoy! I've written a new short story!

It's a wonderfully amusing story about 2 men and their quest to find the loophole in the International Dateline.

You can find it under the Short Stories section on the website, and under "Notes" if you're looking on Facebook.

Comments are naturally welcome - if you like it, please post the link on a friend's wall!

The story stemmed from an idea I had for a longer story - should I expand it into a bigger book? Or maybe Sir Ralph Beef Wellington's adventures could become a small series...
Oh and I also fully I admit getting the name from an existing character on TV - it was just a working title but it stuck (especially with me going to Wellington in NZ).

Onwards to yesterday, and the day before!


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