Thursday, 13 November 2008

After-thoughts to my American post below

Okay, an American friend I've made here in New Zealand has checked me on a couple of points in this blog post. To be fair, it is rather one-sided and harsh - I'm certainly not saying America is the only bad country in the world, or that Britain hasn't done shitty shitty things in the past, especially when it was a world power. This blog post was more about my personal feelings and thoughts towards today's superpower, the driving cultural force I've grown up with in the world.

On specific points:

- The US hasn't "forced" its culture on other countries - many countries have indeed taken its food, films, language etc. voluntarily, and largely because America has been such an attractive powerhouse in the second half of the 20th century. I would suggest that America's economic influence is at least partly conscious and directed as a means of non-military influence around the world. But there is an appeal to its cultural exports that countries and societies have signed up to, voluntarily. This is quite a core concern to me because national identity is such a strong part of personal identity, and its strange and frustrating to see young people take up habits and language of the world's major player, and not as a part of the natural evolution of languages. But hey, cultures develop by shocks as well as slow evolution. And in this global village, we're not exactly the 51st state quite yet.

- Obama attended a large evangelical Christian church, and most probably took donations from it, as well as others. So I guess my point is really the kind of views each kind of church contributes to the Democrats, Republicans, and individual candidates ... which certainly cuts my point down a bit.

Anyway I don't like going back on stuff I say, as you know, and the positive aspects of the post definitely remain. But as you also know I'm someone who occasionally shoots (his mouth off) and asks questions later, so I'm trying to be good with some self-aware analysis.


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  1. Aw, I'm glad my comments made you change some of your ideas a little bit. I do agree with many of your thoughts, which were presented in a most articulate way. And I hope you'll agree that it sux to be American. :)