Monday, 29 December 2008

2009. Bring it.

We divide large sections of time into orbits of the Earth round the Sun - this is called a year. Pretty lucky that each orbit takes the same time as the last, otherwise we'd have to make up new months and shit. "Sorry mate, it's a short year this year, having to cut back on February and March."

It's the end of another year, and those of us left are all a year older.

I'm off soon on holiday - going to the South Island of NZ for New Year's fun with friends on the beach, hopefully with some hot sunny weather. (Christmas turned out nice in the end!) I'll be pretty much incommunicado, i.e. off the internet, so please let me wish you all a happy new year wherever you are in the world. Hope your 2008 wasn't too bad and your prospects for 2009 are good.

Me? My 2008 was alright I guess - chaotic, but necessary chaos. My 2009 however is looking awesome, so fingers crossed.

Happy new year!

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