Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Recharging batteries, Christmas, Youtube + THE NEW BOOK

Long time no speak - apologies for my absence. Been hectic. I wrote to you from my relatives' house in Orewa, North of Auckland; it's crazy how many kiwis have heard of this tiny little town.

Moved house in Wellington a week ago, which has definitely been a good decision (although not without complications), and got some work at the hospital logging files and packing boxes. Hardly rocket science but gets me out of the house and off the internet which can only be a good thing!

Took a trip to Martinborough with some friends the other weekend - nothing happens in Martinborough except growing grapes and making wine. We had a jolly time tasting wines on the Saturday, I think we got around 6 vineyards and tasted about 30+ wines. I bought 3 bottles that I really can't afford. But they were very nice.

This week is the start of the Christmas & New Year switch-off for New Zealanders, where everyone packs up for 2 weeks and goes on holiday. So I'm up with my lovely relatives for this week, enjoying the warmth of the North (it was pissing down yesterday, after a full week of hot sunny weather apparently - and vice versa down in Wellington). I'm also enjoying a chance to recharge my batteries after the madness and uncertainty of the last couple of weeks. Then on Saturday I fly back to Welly and have to stay up til 2am to get on a ferry, in order to spend New Year's at someone's batch near Nelson with some couchsurfing friends. Hurrah!

Christmas in Wellington has been amazing, simply because it hasn't been there. Compared with the UK, where Christmas is shoved down your throat from November for 6 weeks solid, it's been an amazing relief - no garish lights everywhere, no annoying Christmas music, very few Christmas adverts. I do like some stuff about Christmas, but people just go overboard in the UK - here, it seems to be mainly about looking forward to Christmas Day, which is just one day long. It's in the name.

Books! I have started writing the sequel to NO UP, having sketched a bit out already, and damn it looks good. Can't reveal anything now but of course expect new characters and lots of action, sex, intrigue and cheesy jokes. Also I have updating the pages for my first proper book DEVOLUTION in preparation for launching the hard copy - a clever person would have done it well in advance of Christmas so people might buy it, but hey, I've been busy. Expect the re-launch in January.

Finally I leave you with some amusing covers I've been doing on, including an acoustic-rock take on Outkast and Marilyn Manson a'cappella in the bathroom. Enjoy.

To all my old friends back home and new friends in New Zealand, have a wicked Christmas and a sweet New Year!

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