Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Sun and frustrations.

Well the sun finally came out over the weekend - 3 days of lovely warm sunshine, with and without the wind. And now it's gone in again. I don't mind the weather changing, it's the temperature going with it that's annoying - the temperature still drops 10 degrees just 'cos the sun goes in, and it's the NZ equivalent of the start of June. If we had this weather in June in England I'd be livid. The irony is that we did have this weather in June and I was livid. I've always been a cynic of S.A.D. but I'm a bit worried I might have it, I get so worked up about the weather. Serious lack of sunshine the last 12 months.

Maybe I'm just uptight and taking it out on the weather.

So in general news, I've been here in Wellington 5 weeks and still don't have a job. This is not good. It should't be bugging me, but it is. All I wanted to do was find a flat first, then look for a job, because it's hassle enough trying to do one without the other. And I was right, it was a massive pain in the arse finding a flat - I have to do it all over again soon when my room's owner gets back in January - and finding a job is proving the same. But seriously, 5 weeks without a job.

It's not necessarily my fault. In NZ there's a perfect storm for jobs at the moment - the economy is bad (like it is everywhere), the Summer/Christmas break is coming up, and all the HR people and managers aren't filling/creating any new posts before they know what the new government's going to start doing. This has led one nice English woman at an agency to tell me, completely unofficially, that I should "go on holiday til January" when there'll be jobs around again. Fuck. I don't want to go on holiday. I'm just starting to feeled settled, in the normal way I wanted when I made the decision to leave the United Kingdom of Greyness, and the whole country is getting ready to shut down for 2-4 weeks and go on holiday in a campervan around the South Island. I know you should research a country before you go and live somewhere, but I'm not sure I could have seen this all coming.

So I'm not starving, I'm just eating into my savings and trying not to look at the numbers. I'm applying for stuff when I can, but it's tricky trying to say "no" to data entry and fruit picking when there's hardly any jobs of any type around. I don't want to have my CV read "fruit picking" i.e. "went on a holiday for 12 months to New Zealand and had a laugh". But the shame-cycle of joblessness is getting closer, and it's hard to get out once you're in...

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