Tuesday, 13 January 2009

DEVOLUTION now available in hard copy

Just a quick one to say that my first book DEVOLUTION is now available to order in hard copy from lulu.com/jezkemp for just £6, or the equivalent in dollars/euros/crowns/pesos wherever you are in the world. I wrote Devolution from 2003-2005 and while it's the 4th book I've written, it's the first one awesome enough to put out as a book.

It's a fast-paced, dark action thriller with heaps of politics, philosophy and mystery. In the future, where everyone is dependent on Electric to give them everything, only one man is let out when the colony shuts down. And he has no idea why...

I've also updated the minisite to make it streamlined and much easier to read, you can find it at jezkemp.co.uk/devolution.

Here's the usual cheesy picture of me with the book:

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