Monday, 12 January 2009

Update on my life

Okay something I realised about this blog is that when I'm not talking about my books or whatever else, I'm just talking about me. Obviously an introduction to NZ for all you guys back home needs a personal perspective, but I said from the start that I didn't want this to be a self-centred navel-gazing blog just about my precious little life. There's enough dross on the internet for that. So this is just a last little update on where I am before I try and return some attention to more important matters.

Had an amazing time over Christmas and New Year's - Christmas was all about seeing relatives and vegging out after the stress of December, while New Year's was about chilling in the sun with friends and nice people and reading. On the subject, here's a reading tip for you - Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Written in 1992, but with the attitude and atmosphere of being written at 11:31pm tonight for the impending infocalypse tomorrow, it's a sci-fi rush with attitude, philosophy and heaps of action. Definitely check it out.

But now I'm back. After 2 weeks of being away it's been great to come home - and to have a flat to call home, and to call Wellington home - but now I'm back to the jobhunting. Which is not good. And I'm looking at my bank balance. Which is even worse. So people better be right when they tell me things get better in January...

Happy new year everyone =]

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  1. Update this and make it really self-centered.