Saturday, 30 May 2009

NO LIES out now

Yo kids, I am a writer and lo! I have a new book out now.

It's called NO LIES and - as many of you will know - it's the sequel to last year's bizzare & brilliant NO UP. And like all good trilogies, part 2 is bigger, badder and sexier!

Me at the launch party for NO LIES at the wonderful Mighty Mighty Bar in Wellington, dressed as "nuclear winter"

You can order it from for just £5/$13NZ + P&P, or whatever your local currency is around the world. But, like "NO UP" I'm also releasing it one chapter every week on the internet for free on the NO LIES minisite at

Obviously I'm very happy to have it finished and made into something real that people can read. Please do buy a copy, and I hope you like it.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Twitter. Me. Yes I know.

Just in case anyone wanted to hear when I blow my nose, I am now part of the exhibitionist banality we call Twitter. To be honest I just have it hooked up to my facebook status, but do occasionally pop in to say hello...

Also see this, it puts into words what a lot of us are thinking: