Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Statistically, human rights benefit criminals. Yay!

Genius, this one. Read the first part of this article:

So 42% said that human rights only benefit criminals and terrorists. That's scary, but not that surprising given how many people read the Daily Mail.

But then 81% said human rights are important for creating a fairer society.

Using my superpower of BASIC MATHS, I deduce that 100-81=19, and 42-19=23, which means that at least 23% of people surveyed thought that human rights benefitting criminals and terrorists was creating a fairer society.

Surveys are only as reliable as the people you ask. And when you ask the British public, you know what to expect.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

NO LIES Chapter 2 - Kidnap

AHOY THAR my apologies, look at me, we're 2 chapters in and I haven't given an update since the launch!

No Lies is being released one new chapter every Sunday, and today you can find Chapter 2 "Kidnap" on the No Lies minisite.

Noksalika wakes up to find herself captured by pirates. Who are they and their imposing captain, and what do they want? And how did Piarowef let her get into this mess?

Check it out now!

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