Monday, 27 July 2009

The Magnificent 20 - a dance-rock acoustic adventure!

Behold, as promised, I present to you THE MAGNIFICENT 20 - a dance-rock remix of The Clash's "Magnificent Seven" with all sounds made by acoustic guitar.

Hear it now on the myspace page here:

This has been a little project of mine for a few weeks. As I say, all sounds are made by acoustic guitar (with the obvious exception of vocals) - "instruments" you can hear include:

-Bass drum
-Snare drum
-Cymbals (really, really crap ones, but still)

It's more an exercise in crafting and sound engineering than actual musicianship, but still, these days it's much more about getting somewhere rather than how you get there, which I definitely approve of.

The track is a "remix" of the Clash's white-hip-hop-punk track "The Magnificent Seven", which is a reference to both the 1960 western film and the G7 (as it was at the time), with lyrics & rhymes covering modern consumerism and the drudgery of 9-5 work. While the recorded version is undeniably cool, the live version is an absolute belter.
Anyway, the title "The Magnificent 20" is, as you can probably guess, updating the name to reference the G20.

Two things to note:
-It's just one in a forthcoming series of dance-rock tracks made from acoustic guitar sounds, which will be released under my new alter ego "Acoustic Warrior" because they're just simply so different from my normal stuff
-I'm not making this a free download, there will be an EP and/or an album!!!

Hope you all like it, cheers

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