Friday, 10 July 2009

No Lies Chapters 5 and 6 now online (and 3 and 4)

Looking back, it seems I didn't even blog about chapter 3 and 4 going up - lame I know. They're awesome (obviously) but ancient history, so here's 5 and 6 fresh up:

Chapter 5 - Partyocalypse!
Probably the wildest thing I've ever written - Czioc and Miza arrive at an end of the world party, full of vomitting, cannibalism, fellatio competitions and drum'n'bass. But can they find anything out about Noksalika, before they too are killed?

Chapter 6 - Oral
...Meanwhile Noksalika travels with Hanaman and his crew to Goltangi - a disputed desert with religious outlaws and renegades. But more importantly, this desert is a social desert - it's off the electronic map, and off the Ethe...

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