Saturday, 25 July 2009

Promises promises...

...or "lies lies lies" as you may refer to them. Yes, I know I have been making lots of claims on the creative front lately, switching ideas with perhaps a lack of focus. Here's a quick lowdown:

Short story collecion
Okay, this hasn't quite got off the ground yet. But the concept is brilliant so you'll definitely be seeing it later this year, with two or three going up free on the website. Also I have a (separate) short story almost ready to go up, hopefully this will be posted very soon but maybe not quite that soon.

Youtube album
I was getting down to this when I was directed to some free recording software that I can record actual demos with - so this has obviously taken a back seat. However, I've got such a wonderful random mishmash of covers on youtube that I'd love to put up a collection of my own songs. Expect this some time after the first demo album comes out.

Song about dinosaurs
I promised you good people a song about dinosaurs, then did one about lighthouses. Lighthouses don't look like dinosaurs, even if you squint really hard, unless there's some as-yet undiscovered tall and stripey dinosaur that likes fishing a lot. Unfortunately this song won't be going on the debut album - I'm saving it for when I know my way around the recording software and when I'm using proper drum/bass/guitar sounds. You'll just have to come and see me play live if you want to hear it.

There's some others as well but I can't recall. Anyway, here's something to get excited about. I've been taking the idea of just using my acoustic guitar, and pushed it in a rather crazy direction - dance music! So coming up is an acoustic-dance-rock-techno track complete with drums, hihats and (very dodgy-sounding) cymbals. Plus crazy synth/space sounds. Oh the joys!

I have a horrible feeling it's more fun for me than the final result will be for any of you, but keep your eyes peeled.

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