Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Terminator-style visa re-think

Okay, okay, it wasn't quite a "blogging frenzy" as I promised the other day. It takes quite a while for me to write stuff ('cos I'm always checking it), and I was also going to throw in a post moaning about how shit winter is here. It is shit, but I've done enough moaning.

Today the visa stuff I'm going through came to a head, a rather frantic and stressful head, in which I realised I don't have enough time to apply for a partnership work visa at the moment. I fly back to the UK at the end of September (9 weeks away), and these visa applications can take 6-8 weeks to process (e.g. 8-10 weeks), and my police certificate still hasn't shown up yet (2+ weeks after they put it in the post, a fine way to waste £70 for the express processing). I fly back into New Zealand the day my current visa expires. So you can imagine the hi-jinks all of that could present.

So, in the style of the Terminator re-routing his power supply, as happens in so many of the four films, I have changed my plan.

The answer is to extend my current visa now. As a British person, I can extend my current current working holiday visa for another 11 months. There's some issues with being able to work I think - it's all rather ambiguous - but it's very straightforward, and I can stay in the country where my girlfriend is, which is the main thing, and work on the partnership visa when I get back in October.

Not sure you really needed to know all this, but I guess it fits in with giving you an insight in the experiences/trials/tribulations faced by someone gone off to live in foreign lands.

P.S. I am HELLA excited about the possibility of one of my close friends coming out to join me, even just for a visit.

P.P.S. The above visa solution was down to my awesome awesome girlfriend, thanks honey.

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