Tuesday, 11 August 2009

NO LIES 11th and final chapter!

The last chapter of my book "No Lies" is now up on the internet free to read and download. Czioc has been captured by looters and taken to Rhajallington - but without new orders and the world dying, is there any point escaping? Answers and a BIG finale are here:

Have you enjoyed the book? Please let me know! A lot of my friends who bought real copies said they enjoyed it even more than "No Up" :) If you did like it, please please please do one or more of the following!

- Buy a real copy (because it's nice to own a real book) from http://www.lulu.com/jezkemp
- Tell your friends, there's "share" links on the site but you can simply copy the web link here, or even just tell your friends to google "jez kemp" and they'll find it :)
- Donate some money via paypal (because it's awesome if you could spare a dollar/pound for a good free book)
[ send to info@jezkemp.co.uk ]
- Invite your friends to the facebook group (easy peasy!)

For all of you left hanging, open-mouthed, on the edge of your seats by the finale, fear not - the third and final part of the trilogy is coming later this year. NO NEVER will be released at the start of December 2009 :)

That's the end of another book, but I've got plenty of other stuff including music and short stories on the near horizon, so I'll catch you soon.



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