Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Going "home"

Well, my original 11 months in New Zealand are nearly up - seems to have gone past in a blur, much quicker than when I went travelling in 2003 for 6 months. Maybe it's because I'm older. I'm going "home" for 4 weeks to see friends and family before getting on a plane with a one-way ticket to Wellington.

I say "home" because the word has several different meanings. Technically I moved out when I came to NZ, so in the main sense it's no longer my home (neither Britain nor my parents' house in Essex). Then again, "home" sometimes means where you grew up, or where you associate with, and while I don't associate with Essex much it's definitely the biggest chunk of my past and upbringing. I guess "home" can sometimes refer to a place in time rather than the world.

There are a few things such as kitchen roll, sliding doors, insulation (sorry NZ, thumbs down for all of these) and other minor comforts which will be nice. I'm also looking forward to a nice long bath simply because our flat doesn't have one. However, mainly I'm looking forward to seeing my family - which now appears to include an 11-year-old child and an Ethiopian man, but those are separate stories entirely - and friends, including Captain Chronic, Sebastien Gebali, The Badger Boy, Le Pomme Vert, The Raven (Prince of Weston), TAFKAT (Taking My Chamber), Starman16 and many more besides.

I'm going to miss lots of things from NZ, especially the wonderful Kiwi Girlf, but luckily I'm coming back :)

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