Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Apparently it's Spring in New Zealand. The first day is officially 1st September.

And I would cautiously ... agree.

There was some lovely weather about a week ago - blue skies, sun and the highest temperatures since last summer. Now it's gotten cooler, a little wet and VERY WINDY. I'm reminded of when I first hit NZ in October, and yes I recognise the wind and rain.

It's hardly optimal - in my head, it's still winter if I still get 5 minutes of glacial meltwater from the hot tap before anything warm, or if I still need a canary in a cage to test the temperature of the bedsheets before getting in.

But Wellington is it's own kettle of fish - apparently the daffodils are already out in force further up the North Island, and I must admit the general weather is worlds away from the horrors of March in the Northern Hemisphere.

Still a long wait for summer though...

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