Friday, 9 October 2009

The Flight

I've been back in the UK more than a week now but still wanted to tell you about the flight from NZ. This is the third time I've done a 28-hour flight, and it was probably the least worst one. I flew with Cathay Pacific stopping off in Hong Kong, and was pleasantly surprised to find the entertainment gear had been upgraded since my flight out to NZ last year - you can select movies and pause them and just watch/listen to stuff when you want. It doesn't sound exactly space age, but it's better than having to wait for that film to come round again to catch the 10-minute bit you missed the first time round. I saw several films which weren't that amazing but certainly enjoyable - I recommend Monsters Versus Aliens, a highly enjoyable film with a great turn by Hugh Laurie as a cockroach-man-scientist (doing his normal English voice!). I was also very impressed by Cathay Pacific having the Manic Street Preachers album Journal For Plague Lovers on the music list!

Then again, all the distractions in the world can't help the fact it's two 12-hour flights, one after the other. It's bad enough being underslept and not knowing what day it is, but when you find yourself saying "wow only 3 hours to go", that shows how horrible it gets.

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