Monday, 28 December 2009

2009 round-up

Well that's another year. Still time for something to go horribly wrong (or, I suppose, amazingly right) but here's a quick summary of my year:

-Temping. Take my advice, don't leave your cushy council job when the global economy goes into meltdown.
-Girlfriend. Met an amazing kiwi girl, AND managed to go out with her, AND still together 11 months on. More than makes up for the first point.
-I have written 2 books, finishing my trilogy - satisfaction ahoy.
-I have written and recorded my debut album with just an acoustic guitar, my laptop and some sticky-backed plastic - more satisfaction ahoy.

And yeah other than that just settled into New Zealand life. It's pretty great bro.

Just a quick thanks to all you guys for putting up with my spam about books and music, I know I've been pumping out a lot of it the last few months :)

Hope you all had a great Christmas or whatever celebration you do/don't have, and have fun bringing in the new year. I'll be on a kiwi beach!


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