Monday, 28 December 2009

2010: expect more/big stuff

...and after that brief retrospective, now is the time I promise ridiculous amounts of creative things which I almost certainly will not achieve all of. But you have to aim high to get the best of yourself! Coming from Jez Kemp in 2010:

-An acoustic EP recorded with Matt Langley of The Library Suits - this really will be acoustic music (unlike Without Fear), but recorded with real professional equipment!

-The debut ACOUSTIC WARRIOR EP - 4 tracks of dance music made entirely from acoustic guitar sounds

-An EP about Britain, featuring some new tracks but also my UK open mic smash hit "Paedophile Immigrants Selling Drugs To Our Kids"

-Badly-photoshopped oceanic fairy tales starring Jimmy The Dolphin and a host of other creatures who live in Underwater Disco Village

-Several short stories, including the cheeky and humorous The God Market, more tales of time travel in the South Pacific and the superhero adventures of Jesus And The All-Stars

-The second Jez Kemp album with cracking songs (such as "I Brought Down The Average" and live favourites "I Believe In Dinosaurs" and "Sunshine") featuring real guitar/bass, programmed drums and orchestral backing!

-One or possibly even TWO full-length novels (well, 60,000 words) of sci-fi/fantasy/comedy gold.

I also have a higher priority of finding a full-time job. So completing all of these things is raaaaaaather unlikely - but they're all in the hectic pipeline that is my head. Gotta set the bar high :)

Here's to a new year, take it easy kids.

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