Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Covers and original bands

Last week I saw the band Supermodel at the month-long Botanical Garden free summer gigs. They were pretty good. Now normally I'm not a fan of covers bands, and even less so of original bands whose covers are better than their own songs. But firstly, this was a free summer gig in front of a bunch of strangers who want pleasant music with their picnic, so there wasn't many people marking points for originality.

Secondly, they did something very clever. They've got a new single out soon, and they were filming for it at the gig, which meant playing it twice. But in playing covers that people knew, such as A Kind Of Magic and Heart Of Glass - and playing them well - meant that by the time they played their single at the very end, there was a whole standing crowd 3 lines deep at the front singing along. Worth taking note.

You might wish to check them out and vote for them to play at Wellington's Homegrown festival next month.

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