Thursday, 11 February 2010

Without Fear track #7 - Sunlight On The Cemetary

After a short break, I resume my track by track blogging of my debut album Without Fear which you can buy (yada yada iTunes link yada yada Spotify etc.)

Here is the lovely soothing instrumental "Sunlight On The Cemetery" on the player!


This track grew from an idea I had years ago, weirdly based around the initial chord of a certain Red hot Chili Peppers' track. I had an image in my mind of the different musical parts/sounds, and finally with this album had the chance to make it happen.

The start of this track is one of the few places where the limitations of in-built webcam microphones shows up. All the other tracks have loud guitar parts and multi-tracking to mask it, but here, with just one plucking guitar, you can really hear the hiss. I don't mind it now - I think it's one of those things like Brian Molko's voice that you get used to. Push on through to halfway and you can hear all the other sounds come in.

I enjoyed making the whhhaaaaauuuuum sounds in the final "verse" part, and also how the bass sound fills everything out.

The title is simply from one day cycling over the bridge leaving Chelmsford for Writtle, and seeing morning sunshine on the gravestones and grass in the cemetery by the railway. I remember it being almost beautiful, but not quite - mainly just calm. I'll leave it to your imagination whether it's morning sunlight or evening sunlight.

Hope you like it!

You can listen to and buy the album at any of these fine places:

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