Friday, 5 March 2010

Books in stock

I was kind of caught up at the start of December launching a book and an album back to back, so in case I didn't make a huge over-the-top announcement on here, let it be known that the final part of the No UP - No LIES - No NEVER trilogy is out now.  I remember when I was 13 and finished my first proper novel, and it felt great - there's a similar sense of achievement to having completed a trilogy.  It's there now, up on the internet, might as well be cast in stone - it is done.

I bought in a lot of books for the launch, which means I've been left with quite a few copies of all 3 parts of the trilogy and my first book Devolution.  So, I'm selling these as signed copies.  Everyone likes signed copies, right? :)

To order a copy of any, or all, of them, simply send a payment via Paypal to, include your address and what you're after, and I'll happily send you whatever you're after.  Each of the "No Up" trilogy is £5 GBP / $15 NZD, "Devolution" is £6 GBP / $20 NZD, and postage is £5 (UK) or $8 (NZ)*.  Bonus deal: after your first book, take off £2 or $5 for each additional book. Awesome eh?

NO UP - August 2008 NO LIES - May 2009 NO NEVER - December 2009 DEVOLUTION

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