Thursday, 11 March 2010

Health, singing and open mic nights

While not having a permanent job may be a bit frustrating, it does have some advantages – between temp roles, for instance, you get a chance to unwind and do all those things you put off because reality keeps getting in the way. After February’s social maelstrom of fun times and eating extremely badly, I greatly enjoyed last week being able to get some exercise and do some singing practice. Just a few runs and some sit-ups later, and I feel physically back in shape again.

So, charged with energy and a bit of vocal training, I went along to an open mic night last night at Wellington’s Cavern Club and sang a 4-song set – not without a few mistakes, but I felt good and my voice came out much better than it has sometimes lately. Incidentally the Cavern Club is an awesome little bar – when an open mic night was cancelled on my friend Matt Pawsey’s last night in Wellington, the legend of a barman played “Roxanne” for us so we could play the drinking game of the same name. Oh and there’s some cool retro music décor, and music, as well. I recommend it.

Here's me singing "Sunshine", you can carry on reading if you like though :)

Another open mic night I should mention is the one at the Ruby Lounge (every Tuesday). The Ruby Lounge is a very nice cabaret-style bar where the Hell’s Pizza “Sin” bar used to be, complete with main stage, small stage and a nice balcony. I went along last week and found it wasn’t like normal open mics – you can get up and play on your own, sure, but there’s also a host of incredibly talented musicians happy to accompany you on the fly. The night is a mix of individual performances and semi-improvised jams from wonderfully musical people. Whether you play or not, I recommend going along for some smashing entertainment and a grand, casual atmosphere.

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