Saturday, 27 March 2010

WITHOUT FEAR out now on CD via Reverbnation

After dragging my heels a bit, my album Without Fear is now available to buy as a CD from my Reverbnation store. And it looks awesome, I must say!

For me, this is quite a breakthrough. Bands have been able to sell music downloads for a while, and I've been selling my books through a print-on-demand service for about 18 months now. But this is an awesome next step - instead of selling hand-made CDs through a dodgy-looking Paypal link, I can sell real CDs without any time or effort for almost the same cost. It's got a proper 4-page inlay, two-sided tray liner, and even an awesome full coverage CD print.

It is kind of sad removing the home-made DIY element from CDs that I used to love (and hate, okay, fair enough) in my old band. But it's a higher quality product, for about the same price, and I don't have to spend hours printing inlays and trying to line up printer calibration and burning through ink cartridges. Win!

For those of you new to Reverbnation, let's just say it has almost any feature bands and musicians could possibly want. If you're in a band I reccommend it highly, especially now they can sell your CDs. Big thanks to the super-talented Paolo Morena AKA "The Mighty Small" for putting me onto it in the first place.

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