Monday, 19 April 2010

UK Election - and Vandalised Conservative Billboards

As the campaign plods on without excitement - apparently there was some debate recently, whatever - a bright spark of fun has arrived. Please welcome - Airburshed For Change to the election!

It's a website full of photoshopped versions of the original Conservative billboard with David Cameron's airbrushed face. In a brilliant twist of irony, the airbrushing itself has sparked a backlash with more impact than the original £400,000 ad campaign, which has all the more effect because it's entertaining. It's a wonderful example of how the Tories are making things extremely difficult for themselves, in an election that should be easier to win than a popularity contest of Danger Mouse versus Hitler.

About now you're probably thinking "OH-EM-GEE this is like SO amazing, where can I create my own???" The answer is here, right here:

You can create a number of other different posters too, including ones like this gem:

In an unrelated-but-similar vein, those who enjoy the Conservatives' ad campaigns being stripped back to the self-centred nature of their core beliefs (anyone remember the "Are you thinking what we're thinking?" posters for the 2005 election?), there's a facebook page called Vandalised Conservative Billboards. Obviously I could never condone mindless vandalism, unless of course it's satirical or incredibly funny, in which case it's mindful vandalism. I'm at work and without Bookface access at the moment, but I can show you the picture that first attracted my attention to the page. And I think regardless of whatever party you support, it's absolutely brilliant.

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  1. Message is indeed clear. It's straight forward and brief. That's how it should be.