Thursday, 20 May 2010

Book A, Book B or Book C?

As you probably know I'm feverishly working on video editing and mixing for my Dinosaurs single at the moment, but I still have small moments where I can write in my notebook, and I'm hoping to have a new full length book out (60,000+ words) by the end of the year.

The question is which one?

I've got working concepts for 3- let me know which idea tickles your fancy! I've got my own preferences so I'l try and be even-handed:

Man wakes up in a bizarre future, where anything is possible and there are no limits. As well as trying to find out what happened to the world and how he got there, he has to solve a murderous conspiracy, a war between feuding corpor-nations, and if there's any way he can get back...
Includes killer flashmobs, classical music chavs, and a talking cat that is definitely not a robot.

Comedy/Mild fantasy/Farce/Coming of age?
University as you've never, or maybe always seen it. Following a kid's first year at an English uni, from the awe-struck first days to the terror of exams, with little bits of magic on the way.
Featuring binge drinking, student sex, appearing bicycles, warring departments, a magic portal, happy atheists and a cat called Thatcher.

Political/Comedy/Adventure/Alternative history?
A man is the leader of a popular social movement which quickly becomes unpopular and loses its movement. Down and discredited, it's only a series of hilarious accidents that kickstarts a real revolution which just might change Britain forever...
Includes a dyslexic supercop, a gay muslim environmentalist, a lesbian cybergeek, and just about every send-up of political "revolutionaries" you can think of.

Which one excites you the most?

P.S. Got lots of other ideas on the backburner, so let's say "none of the above" is hidden option D :)

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