Thursday, 8 July 2010

I edited Twilight out of the Muse video. Someone had to.

Recently, Muse made a bad video to an average song for a terrible film. I've managed to fix one of those things. Watch, enjoy, feel free to share!
Here's the original, just in case you wanted to gouge your eyes out from the horror like Sam Neill in Event Horizon

Well, I kind of fixed it - the thing is, if you take away the 2-dimensional impression of a Muse song and the clips of Twi-shite, you're left with possibly the most boring, unimaginative and cheap Muse video ever. But I still think I've made it 6000% better* by removing the emo vampires sponsorship bullshit (which is, incidentally, the worst thing you can do with an official soundtrack video - fill it with unrelated random flashes of your film). New clips used are from the awesome opening song of Muse playing Wembley stadium in 2007 (Knights Of Cydonia, the final track off Black Holes And Revelations).

Also, the reason it's on Vimeo is because the Youtube auto-bots kept rejecting the video. I've learnt since then from this fascinating website that it's down to Youtube's audio fingerprint recognition software - intriguing, bizarre, and a little bit scary all at once! Hopefully Vimeo won't take it down, and if it does there's always the sordid internet ghetto of Myspace. I know they're not too picky to reject anything.

*Actually I think I did an alright job with adding the clips in, e.g. the flash when the second chorus hits :)

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