Monday, 9 August 2010

Pre-Dinosaur gig thanks

Before the awesome dinosaurs launch party on Wednesday, I have quite a few thank yous regarding the launch, the song and the video:

First and foremost Tod, Gareth and Danny from Throw It To The Fire (Facebook link). These guys are playing with me on the night as a full rock band, and the last 4 weekends, for nothing but a crate of Double Brown and the love of rock music, we've been cranking out some great noise in the bottom of Tod's house. They're awesome musicians and great guys and I couldn't have asked for a better band to play with. Throw It To The Fire have a gig next Wednesday 18th also at Bar Medusa - get it in your diaries and go along, they are brilliant.

Also playing on the night are the Gracious Deviants and F8 2 Decide. I haven't seen Gracious Deviants (Facebook link), but I was looking for a solo act or duo to start the night and local music baron Peter Bailie suggested them - I was impressed by their videos and thought they'd be perfect. Meanwhile, Joe from F8 2 Decide (Facebook link) had me perform my first gig in Wellington at the Blue Note/Fringe Bar, so along with them being a smooth fantastic band I thought it only right to ask them to play. Big up to both bands, check them out.

Also a shout out to Bar Medusa (Facebook link) (or TVFKAHITWFKAV, The Venue Formerly Known As Hole In The Wall Formerly Known As Valve), where we are hosting this party. It's an awesome little venue mostly known for rock/metal, but they host all sorts including motown and indie (although mostly rock and metal). I love it and while Wellington has a good music scene with a number of venues, none of them are doing what Medusa does. They have cocktails too, including one called The Blanketman! (I recommend with caution.) Be their friend.

In order to release a single, you need to record some songs, and to do that I needed to borrow a lot of things from people, including an electric guitar (Daniil), a bass guitar (Tod), a distortion pedal (Danny), even another computer to make the video (Daniil, and damn you Windows Vista). Big thanks to these guys. Some may be receiving multiple thanks, and may need some sort of thank-trailer to carry them on.

Finally the wonderful video. In many ways the video is greater than the song itself, fleshing it out and making people laugh in a different way. The video, and in fact the whole thing, started out as one rough idea in my head, and it couldn't have been made without me trying to convince a lot of good people that their time and effort should be put into this abstract idea about dinosaurs. So in no order at all, a huge thank you to the people who helped by filming (Ryan, Daniil, Tobi, Eric), the guys who took parts by appearing in it (Angela, Theresa, Danny, Rachel, Kiwi Girlf, Rob, Ryan, Tobi), the people who helped promote it in some way (Stacey at Dominion Post, PZ Myers at Pharyngula, Simon at Fringe Bar Film Nights),

And finally a huge thank you to long-suffering Kiwi Girlf who, for a few tense weeks, traded her boyfriend for a zombie attached to the laptop by a USB plugged into his navel. (Actually many people may not have noticed the difference.) We're off on holidays later this week and she's banned me/I've agreed to relinquish the laptop, which will hopefully make up for it.

See you kids at the launch on Wednesday.

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