Monday, 6 September 2010

Back from holiday

New chapters to include in the biography of my life:
  • Orienteering Paris: How to see everything and kill your feet in 3 days
  • Aeroflot business class: 4-course meals all round!
  • This year's drinking fashions: denim, visors and fanny packs
  • Russia's new service economy: Shouting and no English
  • Essex: Visiting 2010 much nicer than Growing Up 1989-2003
  • Ordering Lobster in Barcelona: A detailed introduction to armoured marine biology
  • Shanghai airport: Transit? What transit?
  • "Transit" in Moscow: An all-new cattle experience!
  • When in Paris... eat snails and raw beef
  • August in Europe is the new Winter
  • Being an air passenger in the 21st century: Relinquishing your rights to know what the fuck is going on
  • Missed your connecting flight from Moscow? Join the queue. The long, long queue. And the next one. And the one after that.
  • Air conditioning on the Barcelona metro: Dear London, IT'S AWESOME
  • Metal cutlery in business class: Because terrorists only fly economy
  • 20 years of weekend closures on the Circle Line: This better be the most insane episode of Pimp My Underground Line EVER. I expect gold-plated carriages and neon fucking lights.
  • In Communist Russia, passport checks you - many, many times


  1. I'm excited to have found your blog!!

    I LOVE your circle line comments. Totally agree!! Its such a pain... and Pete lived right next to the circle line so you had to go all the way around every weekend!!

  2. Haha hi Julie hope you're doing well in Ukraine! I actually quite like the Circle Line - I like the idea of it and I'd catch it most times getting into Liverpool Street - which I guess is why I get so worked up about it. And the trains don't even go in a circle any more!
    Feel free to subscribe to the RSS :)