Wednesday, 22 September 2010

New project #1: The new book

I have TWO exciting projects to talk about this week. This is the first. After the awesome dinosaurs single/video project and last year's EPIC finale to the "NO UP" trilogy, "NO NEVER" - which I realise I still have to put up online for your free enjoyment - I've been collecting ideas for the next book and mulling over what kind of book I want to write. That mulling is now over.

I can reveal the new book will be a proper length novel - 60,000+ words, hardly War And Peace but more than NO UP's 40,000. It will be FUNNY. Like actually laugh out loud, piss yourself on a sunny day watching the cricket funny. It will have ACTION. It will be for ALL AGES (of people who enjoy awesome books). It will be ENJOYABLE to read. It will even have STUFF TO SAY, but in the background, like a bonus thing for anyone who cares about that kind of stuff.

It will be about a man who wakes from a coma to a world gone mad. Not "violent armageddon" mad, more unicycling walruses, everyone-is-king, champagne rhinocerus morris club mad.

It will have coathangers.
It will have flashmobs, and even a flashmobster.
It will have classical music chavs.
It will have The Queene Of Englande.
It will have a ginger cat called Octave who can talk but is definitely not a robot.

It will be called HYPER.

This is project #1.

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