Thursday, 23 September 2010

New project #2: Project Airfix (the new album)

I'm very excited about this 2nd new project - my first proper album. But it's not just an album. There's 3 things that make this project brilliant.

I've been carrying around songs for over 2 years now, vaguely dreaming of making an album. Last year's "Without Fear" was an album, but it was semi-acoustic and an experimental project - and just as those 10 songs had to be on that album, most of these songs have been saved for this album. After recording "Dinosaurs", with rock guitars and drums and stuff, I'm ready to start on this album.

It will have big tunes. In fact, EVERY song will be a big tune. It's going to have a big, summery rock sound and feel. It'll (hopefully) sound like the Manics' "Everything Must Go" mixed with Muse's "Black Holes And Revelations". It will, in short, be awesome.

It will be called AIRFIX DEMOCRACIES.

I'm going to document the making of the album, from recording demos and the songs themselves, mixing, production, artwork, even developing the website at from a blank page into a living, breathing, dedicated website:

Under the title of "Project Airfix", you can watch an album being born. Aaaaahhh :)
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Yes, not only can you watch the album being made - by downloading the original files you can make the album yourself how you want to, your way. Along with regular updates on how it's going, I'll be podcasting and uploading the original material, from audio files of guitar and vocal takes to midi drum files to Photoshop artwork, so that you can mix and create your own version of the album.

I'm pretty pumped about this :) Keep watching!

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