Friday, 15 October 2010

Airfix Democracies tracklist

I am quite excited to reveal the tracklisting for my next album "Airfix Democracies":
  1. I Brought Down The Average
  2. Lighthouses
  3. Sunshine
  4. The Boy With X-Ray Eyes
  5. When Robots Cure Cancer, We'll Talk
  6. I Believe In Dinosaurs
  7. It's Not The Wine ... Or The Bourbon ... Or The Vodka
  8. Pre-Digested
  9. Shark In A Goldfish Bowl
  10. 5yrs + 45mins
  11. Surgery For Symmetry
  12. (and possibly, not definitely) If I Can Be Wrong, Maybe I Can Be Young

What's cool is that almost all of these songs have been around in one form or another for a long time; seeing them together, even unrecorded, is pretty exciting for me.

I've played most of these songs live at some point, whether acoustic in Chelmsford's Two Brewers in 2008 or electric at Wellington's Bar Medusa a couple of months ago; some are already in semi-acoustic form on "Without Fear", some are already in full rock production on "I Believe In Dinosaurs".

Most importantly, all of them are big BIG tunes.

I'll be blogging the tracks one by one, either putting up existing videos or doing my own Youtube acoustic versions so you know what the songs sound like.

Different people will recognise different songs, but here's 3 almost no-one will have heard of:

"If I Can Be Wrong" is a tune that's been creeping around my head for a while now, and could well be a great closing track. While the others are mostly 95%-100% written, this is just an idea for the moment.

"Surgery For Symmetry" is an idea I had for F451 at one point that just never became real. It's about 80% written, and has the perfect mix of summery-feel and punchy lyrics for the album.

"It's Not The Wine" is a bright instrumental I have had for a while. I made a demo in early 2009 while learning how to use Reaper before I started recording "Without Fear".

I'm also hoping to add bonus tracks in the same way as the "I Believe In Dinosaurs" single, i.e. remixes or different versions to add value-for-money. I've got a feeling there'll be an acoustic version of "Pre-Digested", and quite possibly a techno and/or metal version of "Shark".

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