Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Why can't you buy from Wholesalers?

It's a genuine question - I've never understood why you and me, the unwashed public, aren't allowed to buy from many/most/any wholesalers, those people who buy in bulk and sell to retailers and services.

They has the things you want. You has the money. Job done, surely?

Quite often, wholesalers are located in walking distance of homes in large towns and cities.

So what's the problem?

Some wholesalers might sell to the public, so long as you don't walk in screaming and shouting "I am from the public". But the root cause is some unwritten, unspoken rule that wholesalers don't break ranks or whatever and stop people buying stuff they want without paying more for it on the high street.

The only reason I can think of is to save the jobs (and presumably shareholders?) of the high street (that's main street for you yanks) shops and services most people get their stuff from. If you buy direct, many of them are out of a job.

But HOLD UP. Defending inefficiency to protect jobs is SOCIALISM. I'm not against socialism, but it'd be a big surprise to many people in the capitalist Western world if that was the real reason.

Especially with this here thing called Teh Internetz, surely high street shops and services should be exposed for the clunky, inefficient and/or thieving middlemen they are? The extra price I would pay in the UK for hair wax in Boots (as just one example), rather than the or supplier wholesaler on an industrial estate 10mins walk away, is not worth the luxury of shiny white walls and 16-year-old shop assistants who know less about the product than I do.

Is it about contracts? I'm assuming not, since I've been into said wholesaler and they've never asked me for ID.

So, serious question. Why can't, or shouldn't, the public allowed to buy from wholesalers?


  1. Are you kidding??!! It would fuck up the economy! Ha ha!
    ...The economy that's FAKE anyway...

    Actually it's a fucking good question mate. Now and then you can get carpets at "wholesaler direct" prices. Certain retail outlets even make themselves look like straight-from-the-box wholesalers (Pak'n'Save, The Warehouse) to get us thinking they're waaaay cheaper.

    Like you, I smell a rat. A bunch of rats, even. Dead, stinky ones.

    Maybe there is a reason. If so, I'd like to hear it, too.


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