Friday, 17 December 2010

You Don't Have To Be A Christmas Wizard

It's been over a year since Those Library Wizards made their superb music video for "You Don't Have To Be A Wizard" and I've decided that it definitely hasn't got enough views, so hopefully this blog post will get them some more.

It being Christmas time, I guess I should also post their equally fun video for their festive song "Christmas Retreat". The song features bells, strings, big choruses and rock guitars, put to joyous home video of the guys enjoying Christmas. Love it.

They are busy rehearsing at the moment before going into the studio to record their next full length album with producer legend and all-round top man Neak Menter, who has also been very busy this year touring the world (Australia, US, although sadly not New Zealand yet) with hot new band The Joy Formidable. For Matt and John, my old bandmates, I think it'll be their 8th recording session with Neak, and I'm very jealous.

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