Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Wellingtonians' internal thermometers

TO BE FAIR: I like to complain about the weather. I'm English, it's what we do, plus I'm Jez Kemp, I like to externalise my feelings. Wellington is cold, and this is mostly due to the wind which never seems to stop. Naturally the tough New Zealand attitude I get is "harden the f**k up mate!" which is fair enough really.

IN MY DEFENCE: Wellingtonians' internal thermometers looks like this:

It goes up to 20, and there's no numbers after that, just the word "hot". I went out for a run recently in the glorious unbroken 23 degree (!!!) Wellington sunshine, with a wind chill that probably averaged somewhere between 2-5 degrees, and I got comments like "Only mad dogs and Englishmen eh!!"

It's like hearing my own complaints in reverse; people are astounded temperature can get so high. You'd be forgiven for thinking that the entire city shuts down with people passing out in the streets when the mercury hits the mid twenties.

English weather is known for being less than spectacular, but a good day in summer will get to 27 or even higher. It's pretty normal.

It may be hard to hear Wellington, and I do say it in jest, but until it hits 30 degrees and the wind dies down, you may wish to harden up.

P.S. I have not included Fahrenheit in this blog deliberately. If you find yourself baffled that there are no crazy numbers like "85" and "237", feel free to learn Celsius AKA "real temperature".


  1. Hahaha so true!! My first year here was pretty sucky, I thought Wellingtonians were all on crack or something, but over time.... I became one of them!! :-0 I never tell people to harden up though, I acknowledge it's cold. I simply encourage them to think about all the other good things Wellington has to distract them from the weather :)

  2. Australians like the heat!