Saturday, 19 March 2011

Callout for #lighthouseslaunch- can you help?

Next Friday 25th is the launch gig for my 2nd single "Lighthouses" and I am excited already. But this is a callout for some assistance in making it the most awesome gig party ever! Can you:
  • Take photos?
  • Take video on your camera?
  • Bake?
  • Help arrange live streaming on the web?
If so, please get in touch! Just leave a note on or email and let me know.
(Baking is something I'm not very good at, and I'll be crazybusy doing other stuff during this week, hence asking...)

Here's the poster for the gig, in case you feel like spreading them around the web or even printing some off and doing some last minute postering round your uni/college/workplace/fire station/laser-powered brothel in Wellington.


High quality for printing:

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