Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Future Is Unwritten (AKA "Promises Promises")

Well. It was barely a couple of months ago that I poured my hopes and dreams onto this blog, for 2011 and beyond. One of those myriad things was moving back to the UK - to London in particular. That is no longer the case.

A combination of:
  • getting my longest temp job at Government Department X, with the potential of staying longer
  • friends convincing me I can indeed apply for residency, even without a skilled job
  • my Mum reminding me that the UK economy is still in the toilet, and finding a job in London would be harder than it has been here in Wellington
...have made me realise I really should apply for residency here in NZ. So I'm going to.

I've done a quick points calculation, and it looks good. There's every chance I will, some way or another, be able to continue working and living in New Zealand - either until I get my residency, or because I get my residency.

London will always be there, and - however long I am here in wonderful Kiwiland - I would like to live there at some time in my life. At least for a year or two.*

And all you people in Englandshire need not fear, because aside from my outrageous plans to come and tour Europe armed with an axe and backing tracks, I will definitely be coming back to visit some time this year: my brother is getting married, and apparently I am the best man, and apparently it's simply not done to miss out.

But for now, wish me luck. I battled with the Gods of Travel in 2003, against SARS and changing flights, and won. Now I face the Gods of Staying Put. Fingers crossed, eh.

*They say when you are sick of London, you are sick of life. But I feel confident in saying when you get sick of London, you are sick of noise, pollution, cars, crime, tube strikes, the Tories, chavs, and, over the next 15 months, the 2012 Fucking Olympics.

Yes please

No thanks Seb mate

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  1. Good for you, Mr. Kemp. And remember, if it doesn't pan out in NZ, there's a big ol' country just across the Ditch who's already gone through its Olympics.