Friday, 4 March 2011

Lighthouses acoustic verison by Captain What

I'm proud to present the acoustic version of Lighthouses, recorded by that skillful blaggard Captain What!

Captain What may be a wizard of self-styled "bedroom-pop", but he also goes by the name of Matt Langley, the bass-wielding tambourine-shaking chops-wearing blonde boy in that awesome band The Library Suits. He's also a fantastic producer and back at the end of 2007, when F451 were playing our last gigs, Matt kindly let me start recording some acoustic stuff at his house. The resulting tracks recorded over 2008 have formed the as-yet-unreleased acoustic EP "Time & Light", and it's a pleasure to at last present a track from it to you.

There's bass, acoustic guitars and that chiming riff played on electric, and the sound is wonderfully clean. Well done that man, please watch out for his forthcoming album and music video, also download his wonderful tracks for free at - it's free! I personally like "Captain Of Nothing" and "Happiness Can Wait".

Also stayed tuned here (i.e. sign up to my RSS feed!) for more exciting different versions of the same song going on the Lighthouses single! Yay!

The Captain in his natural environment ... a green hoodie

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