Sunday, 27 March 2011

Thank yous for Lighthouses launch

There are too many people to thank fully for Friday's amazing single launch party, but I'm going to give it a good go:

Tod, Gareth, Danny: These were the fellows you saw onstage with me, and they performed like heroes. I'm in awe and in debt of these guys for helping me put on the performance that we did, and for all the work they put in. My hat is permanently off to them.

They also play in a superb band called Throw It To The Fire who are playing at Bodega and Mighty Mighty in the coming weeks. See them.

The other bands: I only finalised the line-up a couple of weeks before the gig, but what a line-up it was. Massive thanks to these guys, check them out:

Bar Medusa and all ye who sail her - primarily Tamara who runs it, and Boyd and Wayne who worked the venue on the night. Medusa fulfills a part of Wellington that no other venue does, and it's always a pleasure to play there.

Jared for doing the sound - lo, for he did an amazing job on sound (and lights) the whole night for 4 acts. Superbly nice guy too.

Jay for manning the web stream. We worked out it was be a simple case of just setting up the equipment and leaving it to run - and yet Jay manned the laptop for the whole night, checking everything was okay and working it to get the best results. Legend.

Veli + Fran + others for taking video - Veli took the awesome videos of last year's Dinosaurs launch, while Fran provided superb footage for the Lighthouses video shoot. I can't wait to see footage and to get said footage on the interwebs for all you people.

Jay Capco + others for taking photos - similarly, it's awesome to have people taking great pictures of you at a gig. If you took any pics that night I would love to see them!

Bakers (Mel, Anna, Sophie, Chiara, Jo + more) - I put out the callout for bakers, not knowing that the Knights of Baking would ride in like the cavalry and provide more awesome treats than could be eaten the whole night. Hats off to you wonderful people, especially Mel for making this amazing shortbread lighthouse cake. Awesome.

Daniil - guitar tech, door wench, photographer ... he showed up at 7pm knowing I would need help before I knew it. And he helped out the whole night. I already owe this man a number of beers, than number has just increased a lot.

Everyone who came + People watching on the internet, you guys are brilliant. Having 30 people jumping up and down singing "Dinosaurs" is one of the highlights of my 10ish years performing. Also it was great to have so many people log in and watch on the interwebs around the world - including my mum in Englandshire - thanks guys.

I know there's more people than that, I always forget someone, so my apologies if you helped in any way on that night and I haven't mentioned you.

Basically, I put in a huge amount of time and energy into this release and the launch party, but none of the awesomeness that happened on Friday night could have happened without the help of so many people. So thank you, wonderful people, and may dinosaurs and lighthouses guide your way.

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  1. Love that Daniil was your 'door wench.' Mel's cake looks fantastic. I can only imagine what the crowd jumping up and down to 'Dinosaurs' looked like!

    Can't wait to see Veli's video.