Monday, 28 March 2011

Why Libya is not Iraq

Just catching up on some overdue blogging while I've been busy with Lighthouses. This is a short post with bullet points:

  • The Iraq invasion was sold on the link between Saddam Hussein and terrorism, directly connected to 11th September 2001 terrorist attacks. Without that bogus fear, the invasion could not have happened.
  • No-one is invading Libya - yet, at least, but still. It's air strikes against clear military targets.
  • The action in Libya has UN approval.
  • Libya was (and still is) in a state of civil war for weeks before the action, such is the slow nature of the UN. Libyans lost their lives peacefully demonstrating, and have been losing their lives facing their government's own military.
  • Obama is not Bush. This may sound acadmic to some, but the approach to Libya has been huge: Obama is desperate to cede control to NATO, rather than the US military, and there hasn't even been an aircraft carrier stationed near Libya. The Bush administration hard out wanted a war and went to great lengths to deceive the world into getting one.
People may point out that in cases of moral intervention, the US gets involved only when there's oil involved, or when its "strategic partners" (e.g. Saudi Arabia) aren't the subject, or when its not impractical to do so (e.g. Iran). There certainly may be more background and circumstances than meets the eye. The history of US involvement around the world is quite ugly.

But I would suggest that Gadaffi is indeed a murderous despot, that Libyan lives are in danger, and that there is a case for nations to intervene in Libya.

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