Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Photoshoot "official" pics

I put the word "official" in quotation marks partly because they're not exactly official (it's just that they're the best quality cool pics), and partly because being an amateur musician/band and branding your website/online shop/logo-branded cock ring "official" is about as retarded as it gets.

Anyway, for one day we got out in the sun, me Tobi Chiara and Daryn, with me wearing my customised denim skirt, scoop-neck octopus top (cheers Chiara!), red hair and red guitar. No-one I know gets the skirt, and some actively hate it, but none of that matters to me because for one day I looked AWESOME.

Full(er) blog post and music video coming soon, but for now enjoy these. Hope you like!

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