Wednesday, 1 June 2011

1 year of the Dinosaurs video

It's been 1 year since the video premiere of "I Believe In Dinosaurs", and it's been good - 36,000 views makes Jez a happy boy.

It's been slow. Despite an initial surge from atheio-biologist PZ Myers posting on his much visited blog, it has gone from maybe 5-10 views a day in July 2010 to currently around 300-400 a day.

I can't confirm how many are real people, and how many are internet bots - I'm just reading off the Youtube stats. It's interesting to compare the likes/dislikes with my cover of Outkast's "Roses", which has had only 21,000 views but many more likes and dislikes. This could suggest more humans are actually watching "Roses", but Youtube is an organic beast, and people react differently to different videos depending on the content and the way they're watching.
Generally I'm confident lots of real people are watching "Dinosaurs". I doubt it will ever "go viral", but you could say it's becoming that mild flu bug that you can't stamp out of the office because it's being recycled by children at home. Or something. And hey, a video with 1 million bot hits still has a lot more weight on Youtube than a vid with 100 human views. Like I say, Youtube is organic.

In real terms, a video with 35,000 views barely registers on Youtube, so my satisfaction here might sound a bit hollow. But I'm excited by the potential. The views have been rising in a curve, rather than a straight line - which means potentially lots and lots of views in the future. It's not something I have any control over - I just have to hope people will continue to watch and enjoy me running round over Wellington chasing little plastic dinosaurs.

More relevant than the number of views, the video itself has actually changed my life. Before, I was a guy with a song about dinosaurs. Almost overnight, my friends started introducing me to other people as "the Dinosaur guy", which is a label I'm happy to have, because dinosaurs rock. Since the video, I've been doing a lot more dinosaur-related stuff (e.g. making Dinosaur T-shirts), which is partly connected to the song, but partly just me reconnecting with a childhood love of dinosaurs from 20 years ago. My friends send me dinosaur-related links on the internet. Some even bought me a vinyl disc cut in the shape of T-Rex from the amazing Dinosaur Comics. (You guys are amazing.) (By the way, I actually met the guy who made it at a gig. Random or what? That's Wellington I guess.)
So yeah, dinosaurs are a big part of my life again, and I like it.

As before, huge thanks to all the people who appeared in and helped make the video - they're in the credits at the end - without you guys it wouldn't have been possible.

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  1. Can't believe it's been an entire year!

    I truly hope that your video goes viral -- everyone in the world needs to see it. Everyone!